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Featuring the flavors of the rainforest

Immerse Yourself in a Culinary Experience




Roy Riquelme

Our main chef Roy Requelme has worked all over the west Amazon with organizations from WWF to WCS and other major research and conservation organizations. He is a true conservationist and cares greatly about his homeland, using his special talent to be a vital part of numerous conservation efforts.  


He blends a professional repetition of culinary selection with local indigenous flavor. 

"My passion is cooking and my commitment is to help the conservation of the Amazon with the use of Amazonian products." -Roy Riquelme-




Healthy and detox

“Food which is happy, light, healthy, simple, and nutritious”

You will find traditional Peruvian dishes as well as contemporary interpretations of Amazon food.

CASA AMAZONAS  is committed to a modern and light cuisine nourished by local ingredients, prepared with love and respect for the products and the environment.


We source many of our ingredients from our very own organic gardens and locally source what our permaculture cannot supply. Supporting the local economy while maintaining freshness and transparency is the top priority of our culinary experience.

There is nothing quite like tasting rainforest fresh local ingredients and the delicious traditional dishes prepared from our talented Amazonian kitchen team.

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Amazonian Flavors

Each dish is a whole new experience

CASA AMAZONAS'  gastronomic identity is inspired by the native ingredients and exuberant flavors of the rainforest, such as Brasil nuts, aguaje, copasu, acai, camu camu, cacao and several other organic products. Our cuisine combines modern techniques and ongoing culinary research, all while paying homage to Peru's rich culinary heritage.

We put sustainability and natural ingredients before everything in our kitchens so that you can enjoy the delicious native cuisine without worry or conviction.



body and soul

Benefits offered by detoxification in your body

weight loss
Reduction of inflammation in the body
Stable energy
clear skin
better breath
Improves Immune system
Decrease in allergies
cleaner mind
Improved Sleep
Greater happiness and well-being
Decrease in digestive system disorders
Improves intestinal flora 

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