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Learn from home,  tools to deal with depression, stress,  and

to improve your nutrition.

How do you know if this course is for you?

evolve It is an online course to connect with yourself and create good habits to evolve as people in this new normality.

2020 has taught us and tested our ability to adapt . We find ourselves experiencing difficult and uncertain situations as humanity.

If these times have invited you to change, to improve or to do things differently, this course is for you. 

Creating a more conscious, compassionate and sustainable future is within reach, perhaps now more than ever, and it's up to us.

Let's evolve    together.


Let's learn together 

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I create  habits that allow us to live in a healthy balance between my  body and mind.

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I live with greater awareness and inner peace. I strengthen my body and release the tensions.

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I improve my mood, I regenerate my vital systems  and I reach my ideal weight.

The world is changing, how we adapt to evolve...

Mindfulness can combat anxiety, depression and stress.


Discover practical ways to apply mindfulness in specific situations such as at work, in relationships, and with family.



It is a course to connect with you and find tools to evolve. 

Access to 10 conferences by our professors from Peru, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil.

Access to 3 Restorative Yoga Sessions for depression, stress and lower back.

Access to 2 Cooking Classes and one of medicinal herb cocktails.

Digital Certificate of Participation.

Live event, through the zoom platform,  only presentation (it will not be recorded).

Our Teachers

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Vanessa Frias

Founder, Director at CASA AMAZONAS.
Ambassador of ANIA ORG: Association for children and their Environment.


Peruvian biologist whose passion for nature led her to work in the Peruvian Amazon, as well as to other countries as a volunteer in environmental education. She has lived and worked as a volunteer in India, the Dominican Republic, the United States, Canada, Colombia, Brazil and Costa Rica. She dedicated more than 10 years  in education projects for community development , in the Amazon and the Andes. She worked as Project Director for the NGO ANIA,_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_implementing the Program  Tierra de l_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5ños (Nid_Nid5ños).

Yoga training of 400 Hrs in Yin Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Power Yoga, 6 years as a Yoga teacher at the Lima Yoga school and course Yoga for children with the Om Shree Om School.

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Paulina Wood


Degree in Nutrition and Food Science from the Universidad Ibero Puebla
MBA from the Tecnológico de Monterrey
Educator in Diabetes by the Universidad Ibero
Master in Nutrition and Metabolism at the University of Barcelona
Postgraduate in Nutritional Coaching at the University of Barcelona

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Laura Carrillo

General Practitioner and Integral Coach


Master  gestalt in  counseling and integrated coaching - Gestalt Institute FVG, Venezia. Multi-style  yoga  teacher - Fusion Yoga India, / Yoga Alliance   Máster de primer nivel en art therapy - Universitá Degli Studi Roma Tre.    Degree in Surgeon - University of the Americas, Puebla  

Publications: Art therapy and wellness, Magazine- Passaggio in Volo, Counseling, July 2018.  Philosophy of life: "Only with the heart can one see well; what is essential is invisible to the eye" - Antoine  de  Saint-Exupéry

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Gita Govinda Das

Holistic Coach, Yoga Personal Trainer and Ayurvedic Chef


Holistic Coach and Personal Trainer in Yoga who is dedicated to promoting the culture of preventive health and comprehensive well-being through yoga techniques, meditation, healthy habits and Ayurvedic Chef.

Founder: Gita Yoga and Ayurveda Coach and Unplug yoga-

“Learn to live inspired by love, guided by knowledge and sustained by good habits. In this way suffering and illness will not be able to touch you.”
Gino Ugaz-Gita Govinda das.

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Riders Rosini


Founder and Director of Tayta Fermentos


With more than 15 years of experience in the field of restaurants and hotels. Graduated from the University of Vila Velha-Brazil. Graduated from the SENAC Institute - Brazil. He worked in restaurants like DOM, by chef Alex Atala in Brazil, in Peru he went through restaurants like Central, Astrid y Gastón, Malabar, Amaz, IK, among other restaurants. Dedicated in the last 5 years to the research of healthy eating and probiotics. He currently leads as an entrepreneur in the field of probiotic fermented foods in the company Tayta Fermentos. Teacher and chef instructor in various cooking institutes in Lima within the field of healthy, sustainable and conscious cooking. Specialist in Ayurvedic, Vegan and Raw vegan cuisine, gluten and sugar free

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Hesed Najera

Marine Biologist with a Master's Degree in Sustainable Development.

Reiki Master


He has years of practice of different disciplines of awareness and mindfulness such as yoga, vipassana meditation, temazcales, tai chi, chi kung, reiki and master plant ceremonies. He is a Reiki Master and an established and certified Massage Therapist in Auroville, India. His two teachers were trained by Ayurvedic Master SV Govindan, Gandhi's personal masseur.

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Eva Ulmann

body intelligence


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Sophia Rubio

Shiwi Peru

Slow Food Tambopata


She began her career as an Olympic Gymnast where she established herself as Argentine champion representing her country in international competitions for several years. Later, she explored different body disciplines, which led her to become certified as a Pilates, Acroyoga, Yoga teacher and Thai Massage practitioner; which he shares for more than 10 years.

On his last trip to India, it was where he approached the practice of Ayurveda at Mysore Ayurveda Academy and Wellness Center and since then he has changed not only the focus of his physical practices but in general, with a deeper and more complete vision towards the life.

Biologist and entrepreneur of the Shiwi company committed to nature conservation through a new market model. This company works in_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58 forests of Perú promoting the  responsible and conscientious consumption of natural products such as Amazonian chestnuts or honey.

Master program: Food Culture Communication and Marketing. Italy, 2019

Slow Food (Global Movement for Good, Clean, Fair and Biodiverse Food) Leader of the Biodiversity and Gastronomy area of the organization in Peru since 2016. 

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Bethlehem Aguayo


Founding Partner of Bee4 


Graduated from the Gastronomy and Culinary Arts degree at Le Cordon Blue Peru, she specialized in confectionery and in addition to working in some places in Peru, she has also worked in  Coya, Dubai.

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Alonso Palomino


Partner Founder de Bee4 


Bartender at Carnival
Director and Bartender at Learn Cocktails - Umawi
Head bartender at Carnival
Head Bartender/Manager at Madbar
He worked as a Bartender at Astrid&Gastón
Worked as a Bartender at Hard Rock Cafe Lima

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Gabriela Leon


Founding Partner of Bee4 


Graduated from the Gastronomy and Culinary Arts degree at Le Cordon Blue Peru, she has worked in the kitchen and in the Fermentation Lab of Noma 2.0 (Copenhagen – Denmark), Oaxen Krog & Slip (Stockholm – Sweden), and_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ in a restaurant in Barranquilla (Colombia)

Our  Program

FRIDAY 28 August  

09:00   Mindfulness and how to manage stress- Vanessa Frías

10:00   Sesión de Yoga Restaurativo para la Depresión  - Vanessa  Frías

11:15      Nutrición: Alimentos para combatir la Depresión - Paulina Madero

12:15     Clase de Cocina - Belén Aguayo y Gabriela León 

SATURDAY 29 August

SUNDAY 30 August

09:00   Sesión de Yoga Restaurativo para el estrés - Vanessa_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_Frías

10:15    Mindset and   affirmations that can change your life - Vanessa Frías

11:15      Breathing and Stress Management - Gita Govinda das

12:15    Cooking Class: Kombucha and Benefits of Probiotics - Rosini Riders


09:00   Sesión de Yoga Restaurativo para dolor en espalda baja - Vanessa Frías

10:00     Masajes Terapéuticos para liberar emociones- Hesed Nájera y Eva Ullmann

11:00      Las influencias de tus pensamientos  y emociones en tu salud Física - Laura c.

12:00     Shiwi, Slow Food  y comida Orgánica - Sofia Rubio

12:45     Cocktail class with medicinal herbs  - Alonso Palomino


In the Amazon jungle, the appearance of covid-19 is having a devastating effect on the guardians of our planet's vital organ. 


That Eja Nation

The Ese Eja Nation has been in charge of caring for and preserving our forests for generations, they are one of the last existing communities that belong to that Amazonian ethnic group and are currently fighting for their survival in the face of the pandemic caused by COVID 19.

At the beginning of the last century, the Ese eja nation had an estimated population of 10,000 inhabitants, now we only have 1,000 left distributed in three communities in Peru. The Ese eja present a unique language, with an ancestral culture and deep knowledge of the forest that for the most part resides in the minds of the grandparents.


For many years the Ese Eja brothers
have protected the tropical forests, now is the time to protect them.


What is the   Problem ?

In the communities of Palma Real, Sonene and Infierno, the pandemic has advanced faster because for decades its inhabitants have been abandoned, they do not have basic rights such as health and access to basic services.

The result of this neglect is little or no guidance on how to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and those who become infected suffer from the poor or no medical care they receive.


It's time to show our brothers and sisters that they are not alone

together we are stronger, 
together we take care of ourselves,  
together we will get through

How will   Help ?

With your support and donation we will be able to reach 343 families from the communities of Palma Real, Infierno and Sonene, in the region of Madre de Dios, Peru.

Family food basket for a Week US$35 Fami




Children Bamboo Rainforest
02-06 October 2019
About   |  Speakers   |  Program   |  Venue   |  Regsitration   

Help us protect the   Ese Eja Nation

You can send your donations through

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One of the most remote and biodiverse regions of the world, it's a place where countless scientists, explorers, and adventurers have traveled to in order to discover what lies within it and to test what they're made of.

Madre de Dios, the most degraded region in the Amazon rainforest.

The Madre de Dios region comprises the sector with the biggest degradation caused by the informal extraction of gold from the entire Amazon rainforest

In addition to this negative impact on the environment, these illegal practices exploit children (especially girls).



In Tambopata, the presence of 632 species of birds, 1,200 of butterflies, 103 of amphibians, 180 of fish, 169 of mammals and 103 of reptiles has been reported. Inside you will find healthy habitats for the recovery and refuge of endangered populations of species such as the river wolf, the otter and felines such as the yaguarundi, the puma, the jaguar, the ocelot or tigrillo and the margay. As for the birds, they include, in addition to the macaw, the harpy eagle, crested eagle, common paujil, unicorn paujil and carunculado paujil.

Tambopata: the natural reserve of Peru that begins to become a desert

Ancla 1
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The Project

It is a project that seeks to work with bamboo as an innovative resource for the conservation of the Amazon rainforest where it involves children and adolescents in this process. The Children Bamboo Rainforest will be a healthy and safe space to promote knowledge and conservation of bamboo and its natural environment and ecosystem (flora and fauna).

The Children Bamboo Rainforest belongs to the Children's Land Network of ANIA  (Association for Children and their Environment), which adds its experience to the conservation of the rainforest of this region. Our mission is to reduce deforestation in the Amazon region through the education of proper bamboo management practices in schools, communities and private companies.

Our project won one of the Ned Jaquith Foundation Grants for 2018/2019

Why Bamboo?

For centuries bamboo has played an indispensable role in the daily life of millions of people around the world. Recently it has gained an increasing importance worldwide as a substitution for timber and for a wide range of other innovative products and potentials.

Bamboo is a vital resource for mankind. Its wide distribution throughout the world overlaps with billions of people, animals, and invertebrates who depend on it as a daily essential. With thousands of uses, as food, clothing, paper, fiber, shelter, and inspiration, bamboo has traditionally contributed to the multiple physical requirements and spiritual needs of mankind. 


Fast Growth

The growth range of some bamboo plants can reach up to almost one meter per day


CO2 absorption


Well managed bamboo forests can absorb significantly more carbon than forest areas of similar trees.


Sustainable Forest Management


Bamboo restores degraded lands and protects forests. It also helps regulate the flow of water and protects against soil erosion.


Properties and uses


Depending on the type of Bamboo can be used as raw material for a variety of products such as: Food, Textiles, Furniture, Building Materials ... etc.

Bamboo is better because it is an eco-friendly, highly renewable resource.


Sustainably managed bamboo plantations can stimulate social and economic development, and serve important ecological and biological functions to improve Planet Earth.


The Workshop


The Amazon Bamboo Workshop is an international event that takes place annually and aims to publicize the multiple benefits of Bamboo and its potential for sustainable development in Peru, specifically in Madre de Dios, as well as being a meeting point where Various actors working with this resource exchange scientific and technological knowledge.

All the money obtained in this event serves as a fundraiser for the Children Bamboo Rainforest project.

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E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-15.png


  • What is Bamboo?

  • Uses and Benefits

  • Planting and harvesting

  • Preservation and drying

  • Architecture and Construction with bamboo

  • Conservation of the Amazon

  • Restoration of areas degraded by mining

  • Environmental education for sustainable development.

  • Research with bamboo, progress in recent years and what opportunities may represent further research.



Martin Mortera

CEO of Bamboo Architecture Company

World Bamboo Ambassador


Architect, designer and activist graduated from the Benemerita Autonomous University of Puebla, his university education was carried out between Mexico, Colombia and Cuba. His work has focused on the construction with bamboo, adobe and sustainable architecture since the last 10 years, as well as the consulting of these materials to private companies, NGOs and government. He has represented Mexico as a lecturer and trainer in different countries such as India, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, the United States, South Korea, Chile and Cuba.

Sin título-1.png

David Johnson

Co-founder, Director at  Las Piedras Amazon Center - LPAC

Co-founder, Director at  ARCAmazon

south africa

South African-British entrepreneur and conservationist. Take advantage of responsible business and a collaborative approach to achieve sustainability of triple bottom line (social, environmental and economic) for the conservation of nature. ARCAmazon focuses on research, education, conservation and sustainable development in the Peruvian Amazon. They protect 4,500 hectares of primary lowland forest in the Las Piedras watershed in the southeast of the Peruvian Amazon. Its objective is to protect 100,000 hectares by 2025.


His project is part of the recordings: NETFLIX: Our Planet (Jungles) and NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC: Hostile Planet


Tatiana Espinosa

Co-founder, Director at ARBIO Peru


Winner of the Jane Goodall Hope and Inspiration Ranger Award

Forestry Science Engineer with a Master's degree in Tropical Forest Management and Conservation at CATIE (Costa Rica). Accredited by the International Analog Forestry Network as a trainer in Analog Forestry for forest restoration.

Director and founder of Arbio Peru who protect and conserve 916 hectares of Amazon forest (2264 acres) in the Las Piedras River basin, Madre de Dios. The organization is led by women and its purpose is to implement forest conservation actions involving civil society and the private sector.


Vanessa Frias

Founder, Director at CASA AMAZONAS

Ambassador of ANIA ORG: Association for Children and their Environment


Peruvian biologist whose passion for nature led her to work in the Peruvian Amazon, as well as other countries as a volunteer in environmental education. She has lived and worked as a volunteer in India, the Dominican Republic, the United States, Canada, Colombia, Brazil and Costa Rica. In Peru, she has dedicated her energy to working on community development projects for Amazonian and Andean communities for ten years. She worked as Project Director for ANIA, an NGO that promotes environmental education and founded and tested the Children's Land Program (TiNi).

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Amazon_Yoga_Centre_0294 editado editado.
RP 1.jpeg

Raphael Paucar

Senior Business Advisor for Forest Bambu Peru


Forestry engineer with a Master's degree in forestry and forest resources management - UNALM; with experience in design, formulation and management of smart agriculture projects, ecosystem services and integrated management of bamboo (NTFP) in a context of climate change; 9 years of experience in propagation, forestry and industry of woody bamboos in Latin America; specialist in rural governance, technical, organizational and commercial training for farmers, peasants and rural guilds. Specialization trips and participation as an international speaker in Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and Bolivia.

Technical Director in Peru for International Network for Bamboo and Rattan - INBAR within the framework of the binational project Ecuador - Peru BAMBU ARAUCLIMA.


dark flower

Co-founder of the Association SER Ciudad
Project manager at IV ARQUITECTOS SAC


Architect of the UNFV with Master's studies in Public Management - USMP. Training courses in Bamboo Technologies in India, Mexico and Peru. Training course on development of the bamboo industry in China by National Bamboo Research Center of China (CBRC). Researcher on bamboo, ecological technologies and social architecture. Researcher of the Research Circle for the development of the Bamboo value chain for scientific and technological development (CONCYTEC-MINEDU). Speaker in Peru and Colombia. She has represented Peru through scientific posters in India and Mexico. Member of the Peruvian Bamboo Society since 2016. Co-founder of the Asociación SER Ciudad. Project manager at IV ARQUITECTOS SAC. Professor at the Technological University of Peru (UTP).

f1 editado.jpg

Luis Llerena

National Forest and Wildlife Service


Forestry Engineer of the UNALM with a Diploma in Integral Management of Bamboo at the Technological University of Pereira, Colombia and training course in Bamboo Technologies for Developing Countries by the National Bamboo Research Center of China (CBRC). Master's studies in
Agribusiness with mention in forests and management of forest resources in the UNALM. With 14 years of experience, of which 4 years in SERFOR as a specialist in plantations with bamboo.


Alex Pena

Builder and administrator of NORBAMBÚ


NORBAMBU a company with more than 5 years in the market dedicated to the community management of bamboo cultivation, with a production of more than 30 thousand seedlings, producer and marketer of preserved bamboo canes, also dedicated to the construction with bamboo and eco-materials, where its main function in this organization is to identify markets that allow the articulation of a commercial circle of bamboo, to direct construction projects with bamboo and others, Alex was also developed as a capacitor of constructions with bamboo in 100% practical spaces (Brazil, Argentina) .

norbambu s 1.jpg
Alex peña.jpg
Ancla 1


02 October

03 October

08 AM Registration
09 AM Welcome and Introduction
10 AM Walk through the jungle and organic farm
11AM Lecture 1 What is Bamboo? | Uses and Benefits
12 PM Lecture 2  Planting and harvesting
01 PM Lunch
02 PM Workshop | Planting and harvesting
04 PM Lecture 3 | Preservation and drying
05 PM Workshop | Preservation and drying
07 PM Amazonian Campfire 

04 October

08 AM Workshop | Construction Workshop 
01 PM Lunch
02 PM Workshop | Construction Workshop 
05 PM Lecture 4 | Architecture and Construction with bamboo
06 PM Lecture 5 | Research with bamboo, progress in recent years and what opportunities may represent further research

05 October

08 AM Workshop | Construction Workshop 
01 PM Lunch
02 PM Workshop | Construction Workshop 
05 PM Lecture 6 | Architecture and Construction with bamboo
06 PM Lecture 7 | Research with bamboo, progress in recent years and what opportunities may represent further research
07 PM Lecture 8 | Environmental education for sustainable development

06 October

07 AM Workshop | Construction Workshop 
02 PM Lunch
03 PM Workshop | Construction Workshop 
05 PM Lecture 9 ARBIO Peru
06 PM Lecture 10 ARCAmazon/ LPAC 

07 AM Workshop | Construction Workshop 
02 PM Farewell Lunch

Ancla 1
Ancla 1

The Venue


Km 12 Tambopata Corridor

Tambopata, Madre de Dios, Peru




Access to lectures, workshops, and activities, organized by ABW2019

Cultural Events


Not Included


breakfast / dinner


wire transfer

Beneficiary: Amazon Yoga Center EIRL
Bank: Credit Bank of Peru
Account number: 19440396741187
Swift code: BCPLPEPL
Bank Zip Code: 15026
Bank Phone: 625 - 2000


Address: Car. Tambopata Km. 1.5 (In front of the Soccer Field)
City: Tambopata
State: Mother of God
Country : Peru


Please be aware: No refunds will be offered unless the entire ABW2019 event is canceled due to unforeseen circumstances, ie climate disaster, military_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b5cf-158dconflict etc .

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