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The Yine peoples have 31 designs and each one of them varies with a particular meaning that can refer to something totally different in another town or community.


These designs are also His designs are based on animals based on their physical qualities.


The most common representations are: tiger tracks, deer and peccary bones, frogs, turtles, jaguars and tiger skin and spots.

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Cultura Yine (1).png
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The main colors used in Yine fabrics are:

  • Red , representing human and animal blood, is related to war and hunting in times of conflict.

  • The black , which represents death.

  • White , which represents peace and tranquility in a time when there are no wars or confrontations.

Cultura Yine (1).png
Diseño sin título (5).png
Cultura Yine.png

Working with the community.


At Casa Amazonas we promote Amazonian culture, supporting native communities, with Yine art that promotes autonomy and the perpetuation of their traditions. 

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