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Wellness and Conservation
Boutique Hotel

Lie Back and listen the Amazon Rainforest

Experience a sustainably minded rainforest retreat with the luxury of a boutique hotel service

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Close your eyes and take a deep breath.

Immerse yourself in the jungle


Listen to the magic and healing sounds from our retreat and absorb all the  nature of the  amazon rainforest to your soul.

Deep immersion in  our natural environment with attention to detail of a boutique hotel

You are home


Serenity and peace of mind is on full display, accompanied by warm local hospitality  to ensure the most memorable experience possible. We’ve combined all the elements we love about hospitality, travel and consrvation of the enironment  to create an adventure for your senses that we feel is truly unparalleled.

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Wellness and conservation

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Explore the many experiences we host at CASA AMAZONAS, from practising yoga and meditation in our magestic Yoga Shala to bespoke candlelit dinners overlooking the Tamboapta river.

Private Amazonian forest

Organic Farm and fresh food

Peruvian & Amazonian Gastronomy

Amazon Yoga Centre ( Wellness Centre )

Unique Rooms

Therapies, Reiki and Body Massages

Rituals and Amazonian ceremonies

Detox your body

Yoga and meditation

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Mystic amazon 

You will live an unsurpassed experience of a lifetime. 

The beauty of CASA AMAZONAS lies in its tradition and seamless integration with the natural elements. You will be immersed in and blend into the beautiful peruvian amazon landscape during your stay.

The Hotel has been designed with awareness of natural resource management, reusing materials from managed forests. 

CASA AMAZONAS has ten spacious rooms that are double twin and triple, designed to offer comfort and unique details such as a spacious lobby, wooden terraces, outdoor hammocks and private outdoor bathrooms that will help you enjoy your nights in the tropical forest.

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