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A temple for your senses
Amazon Yoga Centre

A healing place in the hearth of the peruvian amazon

  Join us for a relaxing getaway and reconnect with the essence of life itself.






The Amazon Yoga Centre is the perfect place for you to surround yourself with exquisite natural beauty and calm your mind, care for your body and nourish your soul.

Enjoy the unique experience of staying at the Amazon Yoga Centre,  dedicated to the teaching of Yoga, Ayurveda and Permaculture, we open our doors to guests who want to get away from their daily routine, to awaken their soul, free their mind, find a connection with themselves and with nature



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Become conscious

Complement your journey with your practice. 

Our Yoga Shala provides a remarkable space for meditation and yoga that will leave you feeling restored, revived and inspired.(Mats are provided).

It is a temple of meditation, with views of our leafy gardens to help our guests and visitors achieve peace and connection with nature, on the second floor there is a massage room ans a space for people to enjoy socialising or just enjoying a delicious natural infusion. 

Yoga cultivates health and wellbeing in all aspects physical, emotional, mental and social, through the regular practice of a range of many different techniques including postures and movement. 


Rainforest Healing


Amazon Rainforest

"Your body is the temple of nature and the divine spirit, keep it healthy, respect it, study it and grant it its rights."
-Henri Frédéric Amiel-


Well-being is an essential aspect of the Amazonian culture. From ingeniously designed living spaces to healthy menus and restoration elixirs, the Amazon Yoga Centre seeks to guide our guests and visitors through the experience of true health and well-being during their stay.


Inhale the future,, exhale the past


You will live an unsurpassed experience of a lifetime. 

The different elements impact our body in very specific ways. Our signature treatments represent these varying energies of the elements to align you with the rhythms of nature for your enhanced well-being.

Experiences of integration with the elements and native and modern non-invasive techniques, as a means to tear down the defences of the personality, confront the ego and increase our own energy. It helps us discover the intimate relationship and correspondence between the context and our own human condition.


Ancestral Cremonies

Body and Soul


We invite you to join us in one of the most traditional ceremonies of the peruvian amazon, this spiritual journey will connect you with the power of the elements healing your body and mind. Be part of a curative ceremony to purify the body, healing sickness, improving health, creating consciousness and connection with your surroundings.

Amazonian Ceremony

Amazonian Wedding Ceremony

Amazonian campfire

Shamanic Ceremony

Amazonian Ikaros - Healing Music

Offering Ceremony to the Earth

Floral bath


An Encounter with nature

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