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A story of heritage, wildlife, nature, health & cuisine

A rainforest boutique hotel only accessible to its privileged guests, located on Tambopata, Peru





CASA AMAZONAS is a boutique Hotel for those who would like to escape their daily routine, awaken their soul, free their mind and connect with nature.

Here the mind, body and soul of all our guests embrace a personal transformation with  an awareness of  nature



In the farthest western reaches of the Amazon, lies Peru’s Madre de Dios, or MOTHER OF GOD region.

One of the most remote and biodiverse regions of the world, it’s a place where countless scientists, explorers, and adventurers have traveled to in order to discover what lies within it and to test what they’re made of.


An exceptional escape awaits ...



Our Hotel is also in charge of preserving and protecting 94 Hectares of the Peruvian Amazon.

We are also founders of the environmental education and development project "Children Bamboo Rainforet".

A boutique hotel in the middle of the peruvian amazon, where contemporary and classic designs move in harmony with nature.



Roy Riqulme

CASA AMAZONAS is committed to a modern and light cuisine nourished by local ingredients, prepared with love and respect for the products and the conservation of the environment   



become conscious

Our Yoga Shala provides a remarkable space for meditation and yoga that will leave you feeling restored, revived and inspired. 


with the community


Casa Amazonas not only provides job opportunities for members of its neighbouring towns : it also seeks to be a partner in the Made de Dios region’s development, setting it on a more sustainable path for the future.


Vanessa Frías

Director and Founder

Vanessa offers living experiences of self-evolution and transformation through different programs and retreats at the Amazon Yoga Centre, which will help create changes in our guests and visitors over a short period. The programs and retreats are a combination of basic practices and principles of Yoga and Ayurveda.

Vanessa’s philosophy and driving force is to “help generate health, well-being and happiness in people and at the same time contribute positively to the preservation of the Amazon."



An unexpected luxury comfort for just 25 guests in a truly unique location: a mega-biodiverse private forest reserve located in Tambopata Peru


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Km 12 Corredor Tambopata
Tambopata, Madre De Dios, Peru 

Reconnect with nature

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